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Sight Unseen Studios is a production and design studio that merges art with technology to present live visual experiences in new and innovative ways. We combine a classically trained background in the arts from a theatrical perspective. We implement classic lighting, scenic, and audiovisual elements with mix in the latest performance design technology to enable the deepest sensory experience. With over 20 years of lighting and production design experience in stage, television, live events and custom experiences, we create exciting, visual experiences, by combining the powerful tools of technology with a solid foundation of design and aesthetic sensibility to tell memorable stories.


Andris Kasparovics

Creative Director

Andris Kasparovics is the Creative Director and Principal Designer for Sight Unseen Studios. Born and raised in New York, he is a BFA recipient in Theater Design Technology from Purchase College and now resides in Los Angeles, California. With over 20 successful years within all disciplines of lighting with an impressive client list, Andris has become the industry go-to guy for all projects large, unusual, interesting and uniquely challenging. From Showtime to huge outdoor festivals, his list of accomplishments and projects is extensive.

Nikki Higgins

Director of Operations

Nikki Higgins is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations for Sight Unseen Studios. She has held numerous leadership roles in business as well as in her local non-profit communities. Nikki's passion for Sight Unseen Studios combined with her superior customer service skills ensure ultimate client satisfaction. Her high level of organizational acumen brings balance to the organization which will keep the project moving from beginning to end and will ensure open and ongoing communication continues throughout the production process.


How do you design an experience to last a moment? Or a lifetime? These are the questions we answer every single day for our clients. They want their audience to see something new and exciting. Something they've never seen before. In the age of technology, we believe they are setting the bar too low. Sight Unseen Studios exists to make audiences feel something new and exciting, and for that feeling to live on, long after the day is over. We design experiences to transcend sight and sound, and emphasize emotion, feeling, and remembering.

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