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From simple and elegant visual environments, to kinetic and dramatic looks, Sight Unseen Studios brings over 20 years of ingenuity and efficiency to every project.  Our visionaries explore the future of lighting in live performance, corporate events, television, branding, and art installations. We realize high tech special projects and provide custom solutions that transport a vision into reality.


We work across the board in television, from standup comedy specials, awards shows, live music concerts to in-studio productions. We work with all departments to get the show up and running seamlessly from the first production meeting to live on air.


Live Events

Nothing is more exhilarating than witnessing the magic of your show live on stage. We create the sublime visual experience all over the globe. Highly adaptable in a variety of production environments and no matter the venue, we can transform the challenging aspects and change them into visual advantages.


Corporate Events

Meetings, awards, and conferences don't have to feel like meetings. From advance concept presentation all the way through show day, we design a cohesive experience for you that combines the latest event technologies with new ideas that break from the traditional into the sensational.

Experiential Branding

Branding is not just about a logo. To make that connection you need to stimulate the senses and immediately engage your customer. Human perception is mainly visual and grabbing your attention is where we start. We design a complete sensory experience that resonates and amplifies your brand, creating a synesthesia that leaves a lasting impression.


Creative Lighting Installations

From enhancing architecture to building custom art pieces we take great care in refining every detail involved in the creative process. Every project has a unique set of challenges that must be met and we have the tools and talent to make it look great.  

Special Projects and Services

You can look to us to do custom work that involves many disciplines or requires specialized technology. Whether it be pre-visualization, R&D of interactive technologies, or application-specific hardware and software, our team's collective skillset reaches far and wide.



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